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Wireless intercom systems are available in several technologies, all of which are now extremely reliable and dependable.

DECT - Digital cordless home phone technology has been adapted to suit a wireless gate intercom system, and create our 603 wire-free system. This technology is suitable for gates up to 200 metres from the home.

GSM - Using SIM card technology, GSM intercom systems have no range limit at all, and therefore can be used for long range wireless gate intercoms. Beyond this, the user has the added benefit of increased security and flexibility by being able to answer the intercom from their mobile cell phone.

868MHz - Recently made available by switch off of analogue TV, this type of wireless intercom gives excellent range of 300 metres from a gate to a house.

wifi - Long range wifi intercom systems allow voice and video calls to smart phones even when not at home, via the home router internet connection.


Advanced Electronic Solutions are manufacturers and suppliers to trade installers, distributors and wholesalers. Ask your gate installer or security installer for an AES intercom. Our product catalogue can be downloaded on the products page.




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